Sunday, 3 April 2016

Holding onto God when it it would be so much easier to let go

When you can hold onto God even when you are hurting, when you can hold only Him even when you can't see the forest from the trees, that is the very moment when you know deep in your heart that Jesus is Lord of your life.

Today in my blog I want to make one point very clear and this point is "don't ever let go". You may not feel like you are winning but don't ever ever turn back - its those very moments in your life when  you need Him just that little bit more.

These trials that have come your way - these times in your life when you just can't seem to get your head above the water - when the tsunamis of life seem to overthrow you at every move - these may be the very moments when God is growing you for him. Don't give up now!

Many many times through the word of God many people have not let God go - I can think of Jacob -- troubled by the prospect of seeing his bully brother Esau after all those years of being apart - Jacob was so old by then - 4 wives at least 13 kids - making his slow progress back to his homeland and terrified of meeting Esau - what was he going to do?  Then the wrestling match.

He met an angel of the Lord down by the river bank and there they wrestled until morning broke - can you imagine!!

This Angel visitant said - "let me go for the morning has come" and Jacob said "I will not let you go unless you bless me."

Get those words?  I will not let you go! - Jacob knew that this person had the real power to bless him - the real power to control his life and he was determined that he wasn't going to let this guy go without a blessing.

We should be like this - we have to hang on tight to the one who saved us - letting go of our past and stop holding on to things that don't last - these worldly things that we hold so much store against - they won't help us. They won't ever save us.

We desperately need to let go of our past, let go of what people say and where we have been and who we have been with - let go of these things that because Jesus has paid the penalty.  These things, whatever they may be in your life - we can't keep hanging onto them thinking that somehow they will save us because they feel oh so easy and so easy to control.

You may never know where God is taking you  - but holding onto God is the only way to see us through the myriad of times. We don't know where all these trials and experiences on life are taking us but we just need to hold on and hang on regardless - trusting in Him to make us more and more in His likeness every day, every minute and every second regardless.

I have prayed many many times - Lord: I don't know about you - my faith is small and my unbelief sometimes overwhelms me but I want to hang on to you because you and you alone are the only one who can see me though. You found me - you hid you - you saved me and you are coming back for me and I know deep in my heart that one day I will live with you in eternity.

You know it's so often in our struggles not in our successes that God will really show us who we. Who we really rely on.

We are going to have a lot of struggles as we go through life - we will never really completely know God and when you think about it we may never really know ourselves. But through it all our inadequecies and our lack of confidences we MUST hang onto God even when it seemingly is so much easier just to let go.

God is not just the God of your victory but the God of your defeats - the God full of grace and truth is the God of your loneliness and insecurity.

If you feel like I did that God couldn't possible make anything of my messed up life - God couldn't use my mistakes and make them holy and usable for Him then think again - my message is God loves you, he can use you - I pray that you just get a glimpse of what God can do for you.

Don't let go of God - Don't even think for a second that He is far to big and holy to be bothered with you - He loves you regardless of what others say about you and how you feel inside about yourself.

God wants you for His own and through  the precious blood of Jesus He has claimed you for the Kingdom if you have given your broken life to Him through that amazing sacrifice that paid the penalty for your sin and mine.

Please don't ever let the world tell you that their way is so much easier - take the narrow way to Jesus - His way is best - His way is sure - His way is so so secure.

God bless you this week as you hang on to Jesus


  1. Thank you, BeLove brother in Christ, Bruce for your inspiring message. One I needed to hear at this moment. I need to hold onto to God. I need to water my mustard seed today. God Bless you and your family indeed. May he continue to inspire you to stand in the gap for him. Love, your sister in Christ, Kate.

    1. BIG blessings Kate - so blessed by your appreciation and encouragement - It's truly a beautiful thing to have brothers and sisters in Christ right here so we can tap into each other's hearts through our keyboards - God bless you sweet sister Kate

  2. Hello Bruce this blog certainly says we are twins. Each day I have different trials some seem like yesterday never ended. Hold on to GOD at all costs no matter what we loose here on earth cause heavens rewards far greater. I read study & pray daily to just hang on.
    This world ie doomed and scripture tells this also so I hold fast to GOD knowing in the very end we win
    your Brother in CHRIST

    1. Hi Bill - thank you so much for commenting - God bless you bro - as you say we are indeed brothers in Christ. I must say I have been so impressed and encouraged by your fortitude to indeed HOLD ON through all the different trials Linda and you have been through - blessings abound to you both

  3. Hi Bruce,

    Two things come to mind as I read your blog today.
    1. Throughout the Bible we are called to endure and especially in the last days as they approach endurance will be essential if we are to receive entry into God's kingdom.
    2. To remember the promises of God that no matter what trials, tribulations and temptations come upon us, we will not be tempted beyond our strength. Temptations & trials are necessary, but God is faithful & will not allow them to break us but with the temptation will provide the way of escape to endure it.
    So we MUST hold fast to the very end & know the Lord is with us all the way.
    God bless...John

    1. Thanks John - Mate, I really do appreciate your comments and encouragement. God bless you and I so so agree with you are saying. Thank you my dear friend


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